Case Number Title Presiding Judge Date of delivery
2013 HCV 01555 Bariffe Hall Development Ltd. v National Housing Trust The Hon. Mr. Justice Kirk Anderson 10.01.2020
2017 HCV 02997 and 2018 HCV 02906 Chin Jen Hsia, Sarah and Hall, Marvin et al v Lyn, Martin and Lyn, Melissa et al The Hon. Ms. Justice Judith Pusey 21.01.2020
2018 HCV 02290 Clarke, Claudette (Administratrix of the Estate of Keith Clarke, deceased and in her own right) v Tinglin, Greg; Buckley, Odel et al The Hon. Miss Justice Anne-Marie A. Nembhard, The Hon. Mr. Justice Leighton Pusey, The Hon. Mrs. Justice Marcia Dunbar Green 18.02.2020
2006HCV03800 Edmonds, Jermaine v Marquesse, Owen; Wallace, Junior; Berbick, Desmond and Drydson, Glendon Master Mrs. Natalie Hart-Hines 24.01.2020
SU2019CV00579 Fullwood, Jayandra (By next friend Kay-Ann OConnor) v Brown, Martin and Wright, Donald Master Mrs. Natalie Hart-Hines 31.01.2020
2018 HCV 03371 and 2018 HCV 00370 Grants Welding and Machine Shop Ltd v The Firearm Licencing Authority and the Attorney General heard together with Grant, Evan et al Master Mrs. Tania Mott Tulloch-Reid 15.01.2020
2014 HCV 00803 Henry, Troy v Nixon, Javette The Hon Mrs. Justice G. Henry-McKenzie (Ag) 14.02.2020
2012HCV05276 Lawrence, Lois v Willliams, Vanessa (Representative of the Estate of Headley Lawrence, deceased) and WIlliams, Vanessa et al The Hon. Miss Justice Yvonne Brown 17.01.2020
2016HCV04917 McLean, Annette v Edmondson, Princess and Mills, Constantine Master Mrs. Natalie Hart-Hines 19.02.2020
SU2019CV00578 Parkes, Joycelin v Brown, Martin and Wright, Donald Master Mrs. Natalie Hart-Hines 31.01.2020
SU2019CV04098 Pinnock, Fritz and Reid, Ruel v Financial Investigations Division The Hon. Mr. Justice Chester Stamp, The Hon. Mr. Justice David Batts, The Hon. Mrs. Justice Stephane Jackson-Haisley 02.03.2020
2016CD00159 Polyamer Corporation v Free Form Factory Limited The Hon. Mr. Justice Kissock Laing 06.03.2020
2012 HCV 01329 Robinson, Hilton v King, Aaron; Anderson Robinson The Hon. Mr. Justice Kirk Anderson 31.01.2020
SU2019CV00169 Scott, Sean v Brown, Meva; Brown, Waynette and Allen, Daniel Master Mrs. Natalie Hart-Hines 31.01.2020
2005HCV00713 Stephens, Matthew and Stephens, Icilda v The Administrator General of Jamaica (Adminisgtrator of the estate of Josiah Bromfield) and Brown, Garfield and The Attorney General of Jamaica The Hon. Mrs. Justice Audre Lindo 14.01.2020


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