The Hon. Mrs. Andrea Pettigrew-Collins

Markland, Claudette v Nembhard, Richard and Akeem Nembhard et al

Land - Limitation of Actions Act - Whether defendant acquired right to possessory
title - Initial possession by virtue of family arrangement - Whether claimant entitled
to declaration that she is beneficiary and part owner of property - Claimant’s
entitlement a chose in action.

Dennis, Jane v Dennis, Phill

Property Rights of Spouses Act - application for extension of time to file claim –
factors to be considered - Limitation of Actions Act.

Duncanson, Paul v Sharpe, Derrick and Marva Sharpe

Whether will a forgery – Whether signature appearing on document purporting to
be last will and testament that of deceased – Expert evidence - Evidence of
individual allegedly present when purported will was executed.

Neil, George v The Attorney General of Jamaica, Office of the Utilities Regulation and Spectrum Management Authority

Constitution of Jamaica – Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
(Constitutional Amendment) Act- Sections 13(3)(e) and (h) – Whether the decisions
of the Office of Utilities Regulation and the Spectrum Management Authority
breached the Claimant’s right to freedom of association and right to equitable and
humane treatment.
Crown Proceedings Act- Sections 2 and 13(2)- Whether constitutional claims are
civil proceedings within the meaning of the Act - Attorney General being joined as
a Defendant

Schunck, Joy et al v Sterling, Steve et al

Whether claimant entitled to possession of disputed property - Proprietary
estoppel - Adverse possession - Whether ancillary claimants entitled to beneficial interest in property.



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