Current Judges


The Honourable Mr. Justice Bryan Sykes, O.J., CD

Chief Justice


Supreme Court – Puisne Judges


The Honourable Mrs. Justice Carol Lawrence-Beswick, CD

Senior Puisne Judge


  1. The Honourable Mr. Justice Andrew Rattray
  2. The Honourable Mr. Justice Courtney Daye, CD
  3. The Honourable Mr. Justice Leighton Pusey, CD
  4. The Honourable Mr.  Justice Martin Gayle
  5. The Honourable Mr. Justice Bertram Morrison
  6. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Sarah Thompson-James CD
  7. The Honourable Mr. Justice Kirk Anderson
  8. The Honourable Mr. Justice David Batts
  9. The Honourable Mr. Justice Kissock Laing/Acting as Judge of Appeal
  10. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Audre Lindo
  11. The Honourable Miss Justice Cresencia Brown Beckford
  12. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Georgiana Fraser
  13. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Lorna Shelly-Williams
  14. The Honourable Mr. Justice Chester Stamp
  15. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Vinette Graham-Allen
  16. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Sonia Bertram-Linton
  17. The Honourable Mr. Justice Dale Palmer
  18. The Honourable Miss Justice Carolyn Tie-Powell
  19. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Stephane Jackson Haisley
  20. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Sonya Wint-Blair
  21. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Lisa Palmer-Hamilton
  22. The Honourable Miss Justice Andrea Thomas
  23. The Honourable Miss Justice Judith Pusey
  24. The Honourable Miss Justice Yvonne Brown
  25. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Pettigrew-Collins
  26. The Honourable Miss Justice Calys Wiltshire
  27. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Simone Wolfe-Reece
  28. The Honourable Miss Justice Annmarie Nembhard
  29. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Grace Henry-McKenzie
  30. The Honourable Mrs. Justice Tricia Hutchinson Shelly
  31. The Hon. Miss Justice Carole Barnaby
  32. The Hon. Mrs. Justice Natalie Hart-Hines
  33. The Hon. Mrs. Justice Icolin Reid
  34. The Hon. Mr. Justice Vaughn Smith
  35. The Hon. Mrs. Justice Tara Carr
  36. The Hon. Mrs. Justice Tania Mott Tulloch-Reid
  37. The Hon. Mrs. Justice Annmarie Lawrence-Grainger (Ag.)
  38. The Hon. Mrs. Justice Sandria Wong-Small (Ag)
  39. The Hon. Miss Justice Althea Jarrett (Ag.)
  40. The Hon. Miss Justice Maxine Jackson (Ag.)


Judges of Parish Court Acting as Puisne Judge

His Hon. Mr. Dale Staple

Her Hon. Miss Opal Smith


Masters-in-Chambers acting as Puisne Judge

Miss Stephany Orr

Miss Pamela Mason



  1. Miss Rosemarie Harris
  2. Miss Pamela Mason
  3. Her Hon. Miss Stephany Orr
  4. Mrs. Kamar Anderson
  5. Miss Sherna Reid (Ag.)
  6. Miss Heather Carnegie (Ag.)
  7. Miss Carla Thomas (Ag)
  8. Miss Tamara Dickens (Ag.)


Emergency Matters

Emergency Matters

Matrimonial Proceedings

Customer Service

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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for the Jamaican Judiciary 2019-2023