The Hon. Mrs. Justice Stephane Jackson-Haisley

Tarawali, Matthew v Caribbean Cement Company Limited

Whether the Claimant is entitled to payment of sums due and owing under the Defendant’s Pension Scheme - Limitation of Actions Act - Whether Claim is statute barred - Whether the Claimant is entitled to Damages for Fraud

Coral Cove Management Limited v Croskery, Hugh Maybury and Sara Meany (Nee Croskery) et al

Application for interim injunction pursuant to section  49(h) Judicature (Supreme Court) Act – rule 17.1(a), 17.1(4) and 17.2 of the Civil Procedure Rules, 2002 – Whether right of first refusal gives the applicant an equitable interest in property - Whether there is a serious issue to be tried - Whether damages an adequate remedy – Balance of convenience - Whether injunction is mandatory or prohibitory - Likely prejudice - Preservation of status quo

Skyrock Capital Limited v Lawrence, Minett and Lowell Lawrence

Breach of contract - Promissory note - Section 35,36 and 50 of the Stamp Duty Act - Whether sums advanced amount to a loan or deposit on acquisition of shares in company - Whether promissory -  Note valid and enforceable -  Whether equitable mortgage created.

Evanko, Susan (Executrix of the Estate of Stephan Jurik) v Yetman, Dasa and Zusanna Brechova Soucek et al

Application for removal of Executrix - Duties of an Executrix - Fiduciary duties of Executrix Section 7 of the Trustees Attorneys and Executors (Accounts and General) Act - Section 2 of the Mental Health Act - whether Executrix liable for self-dealing - Whether Executrix mismanaged the affairs of the Estate - Failure to keep proper accounts - Whether beneficiary has capacity to sell his interest in the Estate - Undue influence

Nelson, O'Neil v Wilwood Adams

Breach of Contract - Whether there is a valid contract - Whether contract void for consideration - Whether principle of promissory estoppel applicable

Supreme Ventures Limited v Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited and Fair Trading Commission

Appeal against the findings of the Fair Trading Commission - Appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court - Sections 7, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 49 of the Fair Competition Act - Part 60 Civil Procedure Rules, 2002 - Anti-competitive practices - Whether hearing should have been held- whether sufficient opportunity to be heard afforded - Whether an expressed promise or policy establishes a legitimate expectation - Whether there is a breach of procedural fairness

J Wray & Nephew Limited v Restaurant Associates Limited

Application for amendments to Claim Form after Case Management Conference –Whether the amendments constitute a new cause of action- whether application to amend should extend to new provisions regarding interest rate – Civil Procedure Rules, 2002 Rule 20.4 (2) and 1.1, The Limitation of Actions Act – Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act



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