The Hon. Mrs. Justice Stephane Jackson-Haisley

Allen, Ceon v Johnson, Percival and The Attorney General of Jamaica

False Imprisonment – Malicious Prosecution – Whether reasonable and probable cause to prosecute exists – Whether failure to properly investigate indicates malice – Whether initial arrest unlawful- Whether detention unduly lengthy – Aggravated Damages – Exemplary Damages – Sections 3(2), 4(a) of the Bail Act and the Second Schedule to the Bail Act – Sections 13, 15, 18 and 33 of the Constabulary Force Act

Regina v Williams, George

Offence of Murder - Sections 9 and 24 of the Mental Health Act - Incarceration of
mentally ill accused without trial - Nolle Prosequi - Principles of Problem Solving

Regina v Beckford, Randy and Reid, Kidani

Sentencing after trial - Offence of Knowingly Possessing Identity Information - Section 10(1) of the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transactions) (Special Provisions) Act, 2013

Smith, Louis v Director of Public Prosecutions and Parish Court Judge for the Parish of Saint James Sandra Wong-Small

Judicial review – Application for leave to apply for judicial review – The threshold test – Whether the applicant has an arguable ground with a realistic prospect of success – Applicant charged with offences under repealed statute – Whether the charges laid against the applicant are null and void and of no effect – Whether the Full Court is the proper forum having regard to all the circumstances of the case – Whether there is an alternative remedy available to the applicant – The Money Laundering Act, section 3(1)(c), The Interpretation Act, section 25(2), The Proceeds of Crime Act, section

Thorpe, Marva v McPherson, Curtis

Will - Validity - Fraud - Burden and standard of proof - Whether testator possessed testamentary capacity at the time of execution of Will - Whether signature on Will was that of the testator - Whether grant of probate should be revoked.


Regina v Taylor, Dwayne

Sentencing after trial- Section 20 1(b) of the Firearms Act- Illegal possession of firearm- Illegal possession of ammunition

Flemmings, Ashford v McDove, Pauline

The Property Rights of Spouses Act - Application for declaration of half interest in the family home - Variation of statutory equal share rule - Whether section 7 factor exists to displace 50/50 presumption.

Regina v OGilvie, Everette

Sentencing after trial - Offence of knowingly possessing identity information - Section 10(1) of the Law Reform (Fraudulent Transactions) (Special Provisions) Act, 2013



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