The Hon. Miss Justice Anne-Marie A. Nembhard

Guyah, Omar and Cordelia Brown v Rowe, Devon, Financial Secretary and the Attorney General et al consolidated with Guyah, Omar et l v Drummond, Jack and Winston Lawrence et al

Interdiction – Whether there should be a hearing before a public officer is interdicted – Whether there should be a hearing before salary is withheld upon interdiction - Whether salary constitutes property
Tort – Malicious prosecution – Whether the customs officers acted with malice in prosecuting the claimants – Whether the customs officers acted with reasonable and probable cause in prosecuting the claimants –

Melbourne, Erlene (Administratrix in the estate of the late Osbourne Melbourne, deceased) v Jamaica Infrastructure Operator Limited and The Attorney General of Jamaica

Tort – Breach of statutory duty – Whether a statutory duty of care is imposed on the highway authority – Whether the highway authority breached the statutory duty – Liability of highway authority Occupiers’ liability – Common duty of care – Degree of care – Use of the highway – Motorist injured while using the highway – Unidentified object thrown by unidentified persons from overhead bridge along the highway –Object impacted motorist – Whether the highway is considered to be premises in accordance with the statute – Whether the highway authority is an occupier – Whether motorist is a visito

Joseph, Robert v Moutary, Issoufou

Negligence – Medical negligence – The duty of care owed by a medical practitioner to a patient – Breach of the duty of care – Causation – Foreseeability of damage – Remoteness of damage
Damages – Tenderness to the right lower abdomen – Indication of bacterial infection – Localized free air outside the bowel – A sentinel loop of bowel – Perforation of the sigmoid colon resulting from prior colonoscopy – Quantum of damages


Peterkin, Arlene Elmarie (On behalf of herself and 32 other residents in the community of Industry Cove, in the parish of Hanover v Natural Resources Conservation Authority, Town and Country Planning Authority and National Housing Trust (2)

Civil Procedure – Application to have affidavits stand as filed – Affidavits filed in support of an application for leave to apply for judicial review – Whether those affidavits filed at the leave stage can be utilized in the judicial review proceedings – Whether the failure to file a supporting affidavit invalidates the fixed date claim form – Whether the failure to file a supporting affidavit is an irregularity – Whether the irregularity can properly be regularized by the court – Whether the affidavit evidence is relevant to the just disposal of the judicial review proceedings – Civil Pro

Murray, Karin v Brilliant Investments Limited, Davis, Shurnette (Representative of the Estate of Allan Davis) Between Brilliant Investments Limited and Messado, Jennifer

Mortgage – Equitable mortgage – Creation of an equitable mortgage – Monies owed – Agreement for land to be used as security for monies owed – Deposit of certificate of title in pursuance of agreement – No instrument of mortgage executed – Whether equitable mortgage in place – Whether deposit of title deed gives rise to presumption of charge

Clarke, Roshaine v The Attorney General of Jamaica

The Constitution of Jamaica, sections 2, 9, 13, 14 and 20 - The Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (Constitutional Amendment) Act, 2011,
sections 13(2)(a) and (b) and 19, The Emergency Powers Regulations, 2018, regulations 22, 30, 32, 33 and 38. Whether certain regulations violate the

Tharpe, Anthony, Successors in the interest of Business Ventures & Solutions et al v Robinson, Alexis, Myers Fletcher & Gordon and Graham, John et al

Civil procedure – Striking out – Application to strike out claimants’ statement of case – Whether the claimants’ statement of case ought properly to be struck out – The approach of the court in dealing with an application to strike out – Whether the 1st claimant has the requisite standing to bring the claim – Whether the claimants have sufficiently particularized the claim – Whether the claimants’ statement of case as framed constitutes an abuse of the process of the court – Whether the claimants’ statement of case is prolix, frivolous and vexatious and without merit – Whether the claimants

Peterkin, Elmarie Arlene v Natural Resources Et. al

Civil Procedure – Application to appoint expert witness – Application made after case management conference – Application made in the context of a claim for judicial review – The role of the court in a claim for judicial review – Whether the proposed expert evidence is relevant to the issues to be determined in the claim for judicial review – Whether the proposed expert evidence is reasonably required to resolve the proceedings justly – Civil Procedure Rules, 2002, rules 32.2, 32.3, 32.6(1), 32.6(2), 32.6(3) and 32.6(4)

McFarlane, Hermine v Jackson, Donald

Civil procedure – Application to set aside court order – Order made at a first hearing in the absence of a party – Alternative method of service – Unperfected formal order served via electronic mail – Whether the service via electronic mail constitutes proper service – Whether the service via electronic mail constitutes proper service in the absence of a rule or practice direction to that effect – Whether the application to set aside is made within fourteen days of the date of service of the order – Whether there is a good reason for the failure to attend the first hearing – Whether it is l

Grayson, Alfred v The Board of Hopewell High School

Judicial review – Claim for judicial review – Availability of remedy – Certiorari – Wrongful dismissal of dean of discipline – Natural justice – Rules of natural justice not observed in dismissal procedure – Claimant not allowed to call witnesses at the hearing in the dismissal procedure – Whether an order of certiorari should be granted – The Education Regulations, 1980, regulations 55, 56, 57, 59, 61, 62 and 89



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