The Honourable Mrs. Justice Tania Mott Tulloch Reid

Hepburn, Desmond v Attorney General of Jamaica

Assessment of Damages – Negligence – Application to permit medical reports to be
admitted into evidence without the need to call the maker pursuant to sections 31E and
31F of the Evidence Act – Whether the lump sum or multiplier-multiplicand approach
should be used to determine handicap on the labour market.

Fraser, Muriel (Administratrix of Estate of Imran Ferguson v The Attorney General of Jamaica

Assessment of Damages – False Imprisonment – Fatal Accident Act – Law (Reform Miscellaneous Provision) Act – Lost Years – Loss of Expectation of Life - Personal Injuries - Constitutional right to life – Constitutional right to enjoyment of family – death pre Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms - Aggravated Damages – Exemplary Damages – Vindicatory Damages

Lewis, Raphaeleta v Chambers, Marcia, Jeffrey Gordon and Kevin Lyn et al

Trial as between the claimant and the 3rd and 4th defendants – Assessment of damages as between the claimant and the 1st and 2nd defendants - Road traffic accident – Road intersection controlled by traffic lights, collision at intersection, presumption that lights are working properly - No cases submission – Failure of

defendant to certify defence to be true – Contributory negligence as between defendants

Williams, Oral v Diamond Paints MGF Company Limited

Validity of Claim Form - Whether Amended claim form takes life from the claim form – When service is irregular does that bring the matter to an end – Does failure to serve Form Defence with claim form nullify the claim – CPR 8.16



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