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The Hon. Miss Justice Carole Barnaby

Housen, Maurice v The Attorney General of Jamaica and The Commissioner of Police for Jamaica

Constitutional Law - Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms - Section 16 - - Right to due process - Prohibition against retrospective application of more severe penalties.
Whether fixed penalty imposed by null and void ministerial order and upon fixed penalty notice issued pursuant to section 116 of the Road Traffic Act 1938 in excess of fixed penalty prescribed by the Act constitutes a breach of the right to due process enshrined in section 16(11) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

SKDP Haulage & Distribution Limited v Commissioner of Customs

Revenue Law - Customs Duties - Paragraphs 8(1)(c) and 8(1)(d) of the Schedule to section 19 of the Customs Act - Whether there was a sale for export to engage the transaction value method - Whether the fallback method was the appropriate method of valuation - Whether fees paid post-importation were properly added to customs value of imported goods - Whether procedural errors by appellate tribunal determines appeal which is by way of rehearing

Miller, George v Smith, Ralston and Sean Smith

Whether unstamped agreement for sale and unregistered vendor’s mortgage are enforceable in equity - Whether equitable mortgagee is entitled to possession of mortgaged Property on default by equitable mortgagors - Whether purchasers and equitable mortgagors of land entitled to an order of specific performance commanding the vendor and equitable mortgagee to register transfer of property to them - Exercise of inherent jurisdiction to make declaratory reliefs as to parties’ status in relation to the property in lieu of order for specific performance.

Graham, John v Graham, Kristina

Joint Bank account - Parent child relationship - Whether there is evidence of
intention of the parent to be entitled to the beneficial interest in assets in joint
Equity - Whether the presumption of advancement applies to adult child on a parent
to child transfer to displace presumption of resulting trust - Standard of proof to
rebut presumption of advancement - Whether presumption of advancement
rebutted by evidence of contrary intention.

Bennett, Errol v LHCC Perfect Homes Limited and Ian K. Levy

Easement - Right of Way - Methods for acquiring - Easement by express grant – Easement by implication - Easement by prescription - Whether claimant has an interest in land to enable acquisition of easement over lands adjoining registered strata.

Razz Breweries (62) Limited v RJ Rums and Spirits Limited

Civil Procedure - Application for security for costs - Relationship between the discretion given to the court to require a corporate claimant to provide security for costs under Section 388 of the Companies Act and Part 24 of the Civil Procedure Rules - Whether there is a probability of the claim being stifled or it would be otherwise unjust to require the corporate claimant to give sufficient security for costs in exercise of the discretion given to the court at section 388 of the Companies Act.



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