The Hon. Miss Justice Carole Barnaby

Bennett, Errol v LHCC Perfect Homes Limited and Ian K. Levy

Easement - Right of Way - Methods for acquiring - Easement by express grant – Easement by implication - Easement by prescription - Whether claimant has an interest in land to enable acquisition of easement over lands adjoining registered strata.

Razz Breweries (62) Limited v RJ Rums and Spirits Limited

Civil Procedure - Application for security for costs - Relationship between the discretion given to the court to require a corporate claimant to provide security for costs under Section 388 of the Companies Act and Part 24 of the Civil Procedure Rules - Whether there is a probability of the claim being stifled or it would be otherwise unjust to require the corporate claimant to give sufficient security for costs in exercise of the discretion given to the court at section 388 of the Companies Act.

Martin, Clive v Commissioner of Land Valuations

Land Valuation - Sections 20 and 22 Land Valuation Act - Whether grounds of appeal prescribed by statue exist 
Land Valuation Act - Section 2 - Unimproved Value - Whether appropriate comparables used in determining unimproved value of property - Onus of proof

Revenue Appeals Division Act - Section 4 (3) - Power of RAD to consult and obtain assistance
Revenue Appeals Division Rules - Rules 7, 10, and 14 - Power of Revenue Appeal Division - To collect necessary information - Obtain and consider relevant evidence

Bucmars Incorporated Limited and Dwight Morgan v Commissioner of Customs, Trade Administrator and The Attorney General of Jamaica

Trade - Sections 2, 8, 11 and 12 of the Trade Act - Whether import licence issued by the Trade Administrator which remains unrevoked, has not been ordered invalid and is not challenged in current proceedings a valid import licence.
Customs - Sections 2 and 210 (1) of the Customs Act - Whether stolen motor vehicle imported into the island for which no import licence was granted is uncustomed goods.

N O (A child represented by the Children's Advocate v The Attorney General of Jamaica

Constitutional Redress - Sections 14 (3), 16 and 19(1) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms - Existence of parallel legal remedy - Whether claim for constitutional redress constitutes and abuse of court process
Child Care and Protection Act - Sections 65, 71, 72, 76 and 82 - Whether the making of a Correctional Order by a Judge of the Family Court is intra vires the Act

Saturn Sales Limited v Commissioner General Tax Administration Jamaica

General Consumption Tax - Section 38 General Consumption Tax Act - Section 17(I) Revenue Administration Act - Whether there was a basis for an audit of taxpayer’s returns and in raising GCT assessment - Whether assessment to additional GCT was a best judgment assessment - Whether assessment was wholly unreasonable and should be set aside.



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