The Hon. Mr. Justice David Batts

Tomlinson, Maurice v Davis, Mayor Homer

Constitutional law - Judicial Review - Decision to terminate licence - Whether municipal authority correctly terminated a licence to use premises - Whether interim injunction to be granted - Freedom of expression.

General Accident Insurance Company Limited v Johnson, Michael

Trial in Chambers — No dispute of facts — Performance Bond — Defendant not a
party to the Performance Bond — Defendant provided title to land as security for
the Performance Bond — Whether deposit of title created equitable mortgage.

Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited v Sretlaw Media Company Limited

Application for summary judgment  - Contract - Flow Super Cup - Claim and
counterclaim - Defence that amounts collected were spent for the claimant’s
benefit - Whether real prospect of success - Counterclaim reliant on an oral
agreement - Whether real prospect of success.

Chung, Patrick v The Attorney General of Jamaica and the Director of Public Prosecutions

Constitutional law – Right to fair trial within a reasonable time – Period before charge 27 years – Period after charge 7 years – Incest – Indecent Assault – Whether delay breached right to hearing within a reasonable time – Whether right to fair hearing breached or is likely to be breached – Whether stay of proceedings the appropriate relief – Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (Constitutional Amendment) Act – Section 16.


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