The Hon. Mr. Justice David Batts

Baghaloo, Wilfred (Receiver, Mystic Mountain Limited in receivership) v Mystic Mountain Limited (In Bankruptcy and Sky High Holdings

Receivership and Bankruptcy – Sale of assets – Application to approve sale – Whether best price obtained – Expert opinions – Relevance and treatment of expert opinions – Whether unsigned report admissible- Relevance of whether “commercially reasonable” effort to sell made - Observations on principle of open justice- Observations on the distinction between a court appointed and a privately appointed Receiver. 

The Port Authority of Jamaica v Kinetic Shipping PTE Limited (Owners of the MV Maritime Gracious) and Portside Towing Limited

Admiralty – Pilotage Act - Ancillary proceedings – Whether claim in rem – Vessel under tow – Collision with pier – Whether pilot of tug can be liable- Whether tugs lawfully arrested - Whether application to arrest ought to have been served – Whether duty to give full disclosure- Whether ex-parte order for arrest to be set aside - Whether and how much security for costs to be paid.

Braywick Partners Limited v McCook, Robert

Application for Summary Judgment - Arbitral award - Whether enforceable against guarantor - Whether guarantor can challenge arbitral award - Whether guarantor has a defense with a real prospect of success - Counterclaim - Whether guarantor entitled to judgment in default on the counterclaim - Observations on judicial function when declaratory or injunctive relief claimed.

Campbell, Jade Sherlene Camela v Jamaica Money Mmarket Brokers Limited and Carol Alecia Campbell (Co-Administratrix estate Alfred Campbell deceased) et al

Civil Procedure - Application for security for costs – Whether dual residence- Whether Claimant ordinarily resident outside the jurisdiction - Whether there is a probability of the claim being stifled - Specific disclosure and request for information – Whether employee’s address confidential and not to be disclosed -Whether information requested is “directly relevant”.

Morrison, Errol Washington v National Peoples Co-operative Bank of Jamaica Limited, Kenneth Tomlinson et al consolidated with Ramon Morrison et al

Interlocutory Injunction – Arbitration Clause-Mortgage by way of guarantee - Whether mortgagee bank should be restrained from exercising power of sale - Borrower not a mortgagor - Whether agreement to arbitrate - Whether borrower has arguable claim - Whether estoppel arises - Whether notice to mortgagor required - Whether Marbella principle is applicable.

Sky High Holding Limited v Gordon, Debbie-Ann

Insolvency Act- Sections 185, 192, 193, 194 and, 201 – Secured creditor- Whether Proof of Claim and/or Proof of Security - Whether Trustee had authority to disallow – Whether Trustee had lawful reason to disallow - Appeal pursuant to section 201(5) - Whether a rehearing – Whether Trustee should bear costs.

Matrix Engineering Works Limited (Owners of the Cabin Cruiser Chaperone) v MV Pedro Alvares Cabraland Sadraco International Sas

Admiralty - Negligence – Whether waves generated by moving vessel caused damage - Whether damage reasonably foreseeable - Whether duty of care- Whether operator of moving vessel in breach of duty of care - Whether damaged vessel moored in unreasonably shallow water - Whether contributory negligence - Measure of damages - Whether total loss - Whether cost of maintaining vessel until trial recoverable - Whether loss of use recoverable for pleasure craft.

Walker, Jeremiah and Maudline Walker v Brown, Dr. Dawkins and Dawgen Media Limited

Interim Injunction – Memorandum of Understanding for sale of majority shareholding – Whether agreement illegal in that it contravenes section 5 of Broadcasting Act- Whether agreement is subject to contract – Whether part-performance – Whether Damages an adequate remedy – Whether undertaking as to damages adequately supported – Whether overall justice of the case supports grant of injunction – Whether status quo to be maintained until trial.

Mystic Mountain Limited (In Receivership and Bankruptcy) v Baghaloo, Wilfred (Receiver manager and former bankruptcy trustee) of Mystic Mountain Limited, in Receiver and Bankruptcy)

Insolvency Act - Claim by Trustee for fees and related matters - Application by Creditors or Inspectors representing creditors to intervene - Preliminary Application to remove Trustee - Creditors’ claims conditionally admitted - Whether Trustee obliged to follow directions of Committee of Inspectors - Whether Inspectors represent majority of Inspectors - Whether meeting of creditors lawfully constituted - Observations on the duty of the Trustee.


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