Neil, George v The Attorney General of Jamaica, Office of the Utilities Regulation and Spectrum Management Authority

Constitution of Jamaica – Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
(Constitutional Amendment) Act- Sections 13(3)(e) and (h) – Whether the decisions
of the Office of Utilities Regulation and the Spectrum Management Authority
breached the Claimant’s right to freedom of association and right to equitable and
humane treatment.
Crown Proceedings Act- Sections 2 and 13(2)- Whether constitutional claims are
civil proceedings within the meaning of the Act - Attorney General being joined as
a Defendant

Schunck, Joy et al v Sterling, Steve et al

Whether claimant entitled to possession of disputed property - Proprietary
estoppel - Adverse possession - Whether ancillary claimants entitled to beneficial interest in property.

Lewis, Wayne v CVM Television

Civil Procedure – Whether failure to participate in future mediation within timelines
constitutes failure to comply with unless orders – Whether there was failure to
comply with the unless orders – Whether relief from sanctions should be granted
– Alternatives to striking out – Whether costs should be awarded against the

Claimant for opposing application for relief from sanctions – Application of Civil Procedure Rules 2002: 1.1, 26.5, 26.8, 42.8, 42.9 and 64.6

Henlin, Michael v Rose, Dexter; Maurice Rose et al

Civil Procedure – Application to appoint personal representative –– Whether application to appoint personal representative is properly before the Court –

Criteria for appointing personal representatives – When can the court exercise its power to appoint a personal representative - Application of Civil Procedure Rules 2002: 21.1, 21.2, 21.3, 21.4, 21.7 and 30.3

Pilgrim, Cedric v Wynter, Annmarie

Whether claimant a common law spouse – Whether claimant has acquired an
interest in disputed property – Whether a constructive trust arises in favour of the

RGA Holdings International Inc. v CMA, CGM (Jamaica) Ltd.

Application to strike out – CPR rule 26.3(1) - Application for Summary Judgment - CPR rule 15.2 - Privity of Contract – Subsidiary company – whether separate from parent company – Forum Non Conveniens – Exclusive jurisdiction clause in contract



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