Hayles, Mr. Ian Dave and Alexander-Hayles, Mrs. Charlotte v The Contractor General and the Hon Pearnel Charles, Speaker of the House of Representative and Senator Tom Tavares Finson, President of the Senate

Administrative Law- Application for Leave to apply for Judicial Review- Whether the opinion of the Office of the Contractor General as well as subsequent referral can be reviewed- Whether a stay can be granted prior to leave being granted- Whether the Court has jurisdiction to intervene in the conduct of Parliament.
Constitution of Jamaica Sections 48 (2) and 51 (1).

Civil Procedure Rules 56 (2) ,56 (3).
Statues Contractor General Act Sections 4(1) (b), 15, 16, 20, 21, 28- Senate and House of Representatives (Power and Privileges) Act Sections 29 and 51.

Premium Produce Export Limited v Johnson, Lynford George

Lease - Proprietary Estoppel -Tennant constructed permanent structures - Whether lessor obligated to compensate tenant upon termination of the lease - Whether lessee has an equitable interest in the land - Meaning and effect of “tenant’s fixtures”- Whether lessor’s conduct and representations created equitable interest.

Morrison, Mary Salome v Morrision, Errol York St. Aubyn

Matrimonial Causes Act – Wife’s application to vary order for spousal
Maintenance – Husband’s application to discharge order for spousal maintenance
– Considerations for applications to vary and/or discharge an order for spousal
maintenance made prior to the Maintenance Act under the Matrimonial Causes Act
– Whether court should vary or discharge the order for maintenance

Vinayaka Management Limited v Genesis Distribution Network Ltd, Hohaud Azan and Ashnik Holdings Limited

Application for Injunction – Breach of Contract – Whether or not Interim Injunction
should be extended – Whether Balance of Convenience is in Favour of the
Application for Discharge of Injunction – Breach of Contract – Whether the Claim
is Frivolous or Vexatious – Whether or not Balance of Convenience is in favour of
the Defendant to justify discharge of injunction – Whether injunction should be



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