Parker, Marlon v Hepburn, Inspector R. M. and The Transport Authority

Detinue and Conversion - Vehicle destroyed while in lawful custody – Definition of demand – Definition of refusal – Definition of wilful interference – Neglecting to release vehicle same as refusal - Value of vehicle not released different than damages - Time runs from the date of the refusal of demand - Replacement value and damages allowable - Interest on replacement value – Interest on loss of use impermissible

Barton, Eral v Greenfield, Desmond

Land- Fraud – Fraud defeats indefeasibility of registered title – Equitable interest – Actual notice – Registration of Titles Act

Perry, Tanisha v The Commissioner of Police and the Attorney General of Jamaica

Administrative law - Declaration - Re-enlistment in police force not automatic – Refusal to re-enlist before application is permissible – Hearing by way of review of decision to refuse to be granted –– Onus on applicant to show cause at hearing – Factors to be weighed - Legitimate expectation –– Conduct of claimant under review qualifies as public interest

Nigel Jones & Company (a firm) and Nigel Jones v Green, Mekelia

Settlement Agreement – whether agreement binding – parties agreeing to terms of settlement – Defendant signing Settlement agreement but Claimants not signing due to subsequent conduct of the Defendant – Claimants eventually signing but question arising as to whether the agreement is binding – Neither party indicating that they had withdrawn from the agreement – Both parties seeming to act as if there was no longer an agreement – Cost awarded against successful party to the application due to conduct resulting in waste of Court time and unnecessary cost

Griffiths, Avon v The Attorney General of Jamaica

Application to file defence out of time - Competing application to enter judgment in
default of defence - Power of a Transport Authority Inspector/Constable to seize a
public passenger vehicle alleged to be in breach of the Transport Authority Act.



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