Seixas, Demetrius v Maddix-Blair, Tricia

Civil Procedure – Rule 15.2 of Civil Procedure Rules - Summary judgment - Whether the defendant has real prospect of success - Rule 26.3(1) of the Civil Procedure Rules - Whether the defendant’s case should be struck out.

Campbell, Rupert v The Attorney General of Jamaica

Negligence – Duty of Care of Prison Authorities Towards Prisoners - Failure to Care for Prisoners in Custody – Whether Prison Authorities Failed to Ensure that the Claimant Received Proper Medical Attention Within a Reasonable Time When
Notified of Injury – Whether Failure of Authorities Caused the Injury to the Claimant.

Russell, Sabrina v Doshi, Tiziana

What is the effect of a mediation agreement; can a mediation agreement be
enforced by way of notice of application; imposition of court sanction for failure to
perform mediation settlement agreement – application to set aside mediation

Hinds, Dueling v McLean, Augustus

SUMMARY JUDGMENT - Canon V (p) of The Legal Profession (Cannons of
Professional Ethics) Rules - Whether an Attorney can rely on his own affidavit - The defendant’s duty to comply with CPR 10.5 - Whether the provisions are mandatory - CPR 26.2 and the requirement to be heard

McCarthy, Annette Rosemarie v Gardner, Kennard and Kevin Haughton

Civil Procedure - Rule 11.16 of the Civil Procedure Rules - Application by insurance company to set aside service pursuant to order made under rule 5.14 of the Civil Procedure Rules - Whether service on an insurer would allow the defendant to ascertain the contents of the documents - Whether the insurer took reasonable steps to locate and effect service on the defendant.

Zhou, Liz and Bo Xang Liang v Spencer, Yvonne

Civil Procedure - Application to amend statement of case to add new causes of action, defendants and reliefs - Whether limitation period has expired -  Whether new allegations amount to new causes of action - Whether defendants should be added after expiry of limitation period. Civil Procedure - Application for summary judgement - Whether the claimants have a real prospect of succeeding in the claim.



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