Dunkley, Olga v Dunkley, Oswald James

Matrimonial home - Consent order filed that parties are joint tenants of subject property - Order that property to sold and net proceeds of sale be distributed between parties equally - Order that either party can elect to purchase property - Neither party electing to purchase property - Which party is to have first option to purchase property.

Henry, Keisha v Sandals Ocho Rios Limited

Negligence - Employer's liability - Occupiers' liability - Safe system of work - Defendant's witness statement admitted as hearsay pursuant to Section 31E(4) of the Evidence (Amendment) Act - Credibility of witness.

Austin, Dale v The Public Service Commission and The Attorney General of Jamaica

Unless order - Striking out of defendant's statement of case - Whether defendants whose case has been struck out can participate in assessment of damages hearing - To whom extent can the defendants whose case has been struck out participate in an assessment of damages hearing - Fundamental rights of defendant - Proportionality of restriction on defendant's rights to objective of striking out the defendant's statement of case.



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