Blagrove, Margret v Superclubs International Limited

Civil Procedure-Substitution of parties - Rule 19.4 of the Civil Procedure Rules 2002- Significance of relevant limitation period in the context of Rule 19.4 and the Limitation Act - Service out of the jurisdiction – Rules 7.3 and 7.5 of the Civil Procedure Rules 2002 considered - Without prejudice communication – Legal principles governing without prejudice communication

Brooks, Kevin v Edwards, Consolidated with Byfield, Dahlia v Edwards, Christopher

Negligence - Motor vehicle collision - Personal injuries - Damages to motor vehicle
- whether the defendant is liable - Whether the claimants are contributory negligent. Assessment of Damages - Special damages - Whether loss of earning - Loss of future earnings should be strictly proven - Loss of earning capacity - Whether multiplicand/multiplier approach is appropriate - Pain and suffering and loss of amenities.

JOSA Investments Limited v Promotions and Print Essentials Limited

Application to Strike out Claim –Arbitration - Section 12 (2) Arbitration Act (1900) – Construction of Contract – Mitigation of Damages – Whether misconduct - Whether error of law on face of the record – Court’s inherent jurisdiction – Whether reasonable ground to bring claim.

Brown, Neale v Global Leasing and Finance Company Limited

Contract - Mortgage - Loan – Money Lending Act – Section 8 Subsections (1) and (3) - whether mortgage illegal and unenforceable – Whether loan disbursed prior to execution of mortgage – Whether relief to be granted – Whether full loan disbursed

Cable and Wireless and the Companies Act

Application to set aside order - Section 206 of the Companies Act – Scheme of arrangement - Whether court has jurisdiction to permit meeting – Whether meeting with creditors a prerequisite to permission.



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