Weststar International Limited and Campbell, Ryland v Finizi, Winston

Civil practice and procedure – Application to register foreign judgment – Judgment registered by the local court not the correct judgment of the foreign court – Omission in judgment corrected by the foreign court prior to application to register in the local court – Authenticated copy of judgment presented to local court for registration without a copy of the order of amendment – Defendant not applying to set aside the registration of the foreign judgment in the time competent for him to do so – No extension of the time to apply to set aside was applied for or granted within the time compet

Hamilton, Marilyn v United General Insurance Company Limited

Wri of seizure and sale - Application for stay - Appeal against issue of writ of seizure and sale for a default costs certificate - Whether Civil Procedure Rules require execution of a money judgment - Whether defendant entitled to 14 days after default costs certificate is issued - PRO Rules 46.4(1) and 65.12(b) - Whether risk of injustice.

Freckleton, Jerome v The Attorney General of Jamaica and Det. Sgt. Puddie, Maurice

Tort - Malicious prosecution -Whether claimant proved damage - Claimant identified while in holding area - Whether reasonable and probable cause to prosecute - False imprisonmnet - Whether initial arrest lawful - Claimant taken before court several days after being charged - Whether detention unduly long and unexplained - Assault - Claimant not cross-examined - Effect of failure to cross-examine.



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