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Foreign Options Investment v Messado, Jennifer et al

Injunction - Principles to be applied - Applicant registered legal owner – Party against whom injunction is sought is a mortgagee – Payment into court by mortgagor under ‘Marabella principle’ - Exceptions to applicability of the principle

The Queen v Green, Kimeo

The Evidence (Special Measures) Act, 2012 - The Evidence (Special Measures) (Criminal Jurisdiction) (Judicature) (Supreme Court) Rules, 2016 - Application for main witness to give evidence by live link - Appropriate circumstances for use of special measure of live link - Definition of vulnerabe witness - Witness said to be in fear but no allegation of actual threat - Right of accused to a fair trial - Credibility significant issue - Risk of incurable prejudice of the accused - Overall interests of the administration of justice.

Quallo, Valrie June v Quallo, Alford Hanson

Matrimonial Property – Claimant’s entitlement to an interest in the family home – Whether claimant’s interest in family home has been extinguished – Property (Rights of Spouses) Act, 2004, section 6, Limitation of Actions Act, 1881, sections 3, 4, 14 and 30

Davis, Dawn v Gray, Delrose

Land - Joint Tenancy – Extinction of title of registered owner – Limitation of Actions Act, 1881, sections 3, 4, 14 and 30

Powell, Denia v The Board of Management of John Mills Primary and Junior High School, Ministry of Education and the Attorney General of Jamaica

Application for extension of time to apply for leave for Judicial Review - Whether the application was made promptly - Whether there is good reason to grant the extension of time - Where there will be substantial hardship or prejudice to the rights of any person - Whether there is an arguable case for legitimate expectation - Whether there will be detriment to good administration.

Williams, Norda v Juici Patties Limited and CMK Bakery Limited

Civil Procedure - Application for Relief from Sanctions - Civil Procedure Rules - Rule 26.8 - Whether application was made promptly - Attorney’s failure to inform client of case management conference - Defence under the Limitation of Actions Act

Froome, Nevilline v Froome, Orville

Family Law - Division of property - Matrimonial property - Family home - Other property - Property (Rights of Spouses) Act - Sections 4, 6, 14 and 15



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