Abrahams, Eric Jason v Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited

Company Law - Application for permission to bring a derivative action outside the jurisdiction - Preliminary point as to jurisdiction - Whether S. 212 of Companies Act applies only to actions in Jamaica – Whether application ought to be by Fixed Date Claim

Davis, Marlene v Davis, Hugh Ashley

Date of separation - Divisin of family home - Equal share rule - Partnership of equals - Variarion of equal share rule - Unjust - Unreasonable - Factors to be considered - What is fair and just in the circumstances - Contribution - Other factor - Ownership of other property - Burden of proof - Division of property other than family home - Occupation rent - Mense profit - Definition of property - Inherent jurisdiction.

Gordon, Errol v Gordon, Lorna June (Nee Forsythe)

Division of matrimonial property - Family home - Other property - Proceeds of sale of family home used to purchase other property - Other property registered solely to one spouse – Beneficial interest of spouse - Rent

Cameron, Mervin v Attorney General of Jamaica No. 2

Constitutional law – Violation of right to trial within a reasonable time – Order for constitutional damages as compensation – Components and level of compensation – Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, Sections 14 (3) time at which it is most appropriate for assessment to be undertaken



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