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The Hon. Mr. Justice Kissock Laing

Phoenix Printery Limited v Ashcar Printing Solutions Limited

Contract – Pre-Incorporation contract- Whether adopted - Whether subsequent contract executed – Whether breach of contract to pay commission – whether breach of contract by claimant releases defendant from obligation to pay sums due under contract.

Robinson, Cindy v The Attorney General of Jamaica

Constitutional law – Breach of right to a fair trial within a reasonable time – Delay
in judgment being delivered – Impossibility of judgment being lawfully delivered
the Judge having retired – Whether a retrial ought to be ordered – Burden of
proof as regards whether a retrial ought to be ordered – Remedies – Whether
compensation ought to be awarded to the claimant as damages arising from the
breach – Assessment of sum to be awarded – Whether award can include
damages and costs in original claim – Charter of Fundamental Rights and

Phillips Petroleum Company Venezuela Limited and Conoco Phillips Petrozualta B V v Petroleos De Venezuela S A, Corpoguanipa S A and Pdvsa Petroleo S A

Recognition and enforcement of arbitration award - Receiver- Appointment in aid of protection of property - Principles to be applied – Property assigned - Whether applicants will be entitled to claim property during subsequent enforcement proceedings - Whether real risk of dissipation of property which is currently the subject of sanctions imposed by a third party state

Barnaby, Vernalyn Elizabeth, Re v The Insolvency Act

Insolvency – Whether the interest rate to be applied to the debt should be limited to 6 percent per annum where the Insolvency Act is silent whereas the repealed Bankruptcy Act contained such a restriction
Statutory Interpretation- Whether there is a lacuna in the statute and if so whether the Court should seek to remedy it.

Stewart Brown Investments Limited v Brown, Alton Washington and Stewart, Ermine et al

Contempt of Court – Factors to be considered - Committal order – Standard of proof - Whether mens rea required – Meaning of ‘wilful’ - Whether there needs to be proof that the party had an intention to act in contempt of Court
Civil Procedure – Whether order of a single Judge of the Court of Appeal can be amended or modified by a notice to parties – Whether such notice can be used as a tool to construe the meaning of an order

Hasheba Development Company Limited v Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica Limited, Kinghorn, Sean and Kinghorn, Judy Ann et al1

Civil Procedure - Whether the Supreme Court has jurisdiction to hear an application to discharge a freezing order made by a Judge of the court after there was a judgment on the claim and before there was an appeal against that judgment and a stay of execution of portions thereof  - Ex-parte freezing orders - whether the Supreme Court retains the jurisdiction to address ex parte orders even if there is an appeal in respect of the judgment in the claim, in aid of which a protective freezing order was granted.



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