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The Hon. Mr. Justice Kissock Laing

Brown, Neale and Brown, Sharon v Brown, Michael

Landlord and Tenant - Whether surviving tenants in common can claim for rent against a tenant after the death of a co-tenant in common who had put him in occupation pursuant to an oral rental agreement.

Real Property - Registration of Titles Act - Whether a power of attorney with a certificate of attestation pursuant to the seventeenth schedule of the Registration of Titles Act which bears a false declaration is valid for purposes of enabling the donee of the power of attorney to transfer the interest of the donor.

Morris, Devon v Morris, ,Cherrida and Mangaroo-McBean, Morlyn et al

Injunction - Principles to be applied - Applicant not registered legal owner but executed an agreement for sale with a third party – Whether there should be payment into court by mortgagor under ‘Marbella principle’ - Exceptions to applicability of the principle – Whether sending of cheque to Mortgagee amounts to an appropriate payment or other security.

Harley, Doreen v Harley, Norman and Jamaica Redevelopment Foundation Inc.

Civil Procedure - Joinder of party – Whether mortgagee should be joined on an application to restrain the registrar of lands from registering an order foreclosure.

Statutory Interpretation – Whether there is a requirement under section 119 of the Registration of Titles Act for a caveator claiming a beneficial interest to be served with a notice of intention to make an application for foreclosure – Whether there is a requirement for such a notice if the caveat is based on a beneficial interest awarded by the court.



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