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The Hon. Mr. Justice Kissock Laing

Island Lubes Distributors Limited and West Indies Petroleum Limited v Levy, John and Levy, Donna et al

Injunction - Principles to be applied
Breach of fiduciary duty - Principles to be applied - Whether maintainable against former director

Wrongful interference with contractual relations and procuring breach of contract – Distinction and principles to be applied
Breach of Confidence – Principles to be applied
Consent order – Whether real contract - Circumstances in which party may be permitted to withdraw consent

Skyrock Capital Limited v Lawrence, Minette and Lawrence, Lowell

Practice and procedure - Application for Summary Judgment - Principles - Part 15. 2 (b) of the Civil Procedure Rules
Mediation clauses – Application for stay of claim in favour of mediation - Principles to be applied - Whether similar to stay in favour of arbitration – Effect if any of steps taken in the proceedings.
Promissory note - Validity - Defences - requirement of stamping - Whether claim based on promissory note or whether promissory note is being used as supporting evidence only



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