Messam, Evon v Junior, Trevor Dunkley and Haulage and Equipment Limited

Application to set aside default judgment – Whether there is a good explanation for the failure to file an acknowledgment of service within time – Alleged default of applicant’s insurers – Whether the application was made as soon as was reasonably practicable after finding out about the default judgment – Application made almost a year after finding out about the default judgment – Whether the proposed defence has a realistic prospect of success – Reliance on hearsay evidence

Chang, Vincent v Cooke, Colin and C C L Limited

Civil practice and procedure - Application for specific disclosure - Civil Procedure Rules 2002, as amended; Rule 28.7 - Whether documents requested are directly relevant to the claim or whether claimant is on a fishing expedition

Miller, Marlene v Graham, Leroy

Claim for 50% share in property not the family home - Parties cohabiting - Whether spouses  – Termination of cohabitation - Direct and indirect contribution towards acquisition of property not the family home - Property (Rights of Spouses Act S. 13(1)(a), 4(1)(b), 14(2), 14(3) & 14(4)



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