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A world-class judiciary utilizing innovation and technology for efficient service delivery.


To provide sound, timely judgments and efficient court services in an environment where all stakeholders are valued.


Williams, Alexander and Watson-Williams, Carol v Barry Group Limited

Injunction - Interim - Inter partes hearing - Whether there was material non-disclosure - Anticipatory breach of restrictive covenant - No application or order for modification of restrictive covenant - Whether there is a serious question to be tried - Balance of convenience.

Hall, Garnett v Campbell, Joyce Maud

Civil Procedure – Whether the Claimant abandoned his interest in real property - Whether the Defendant dispossessed the Claimant - What is the effect of the execution and registration of the Instrument of Transfer subsequent to the purported period of dispossession.

Hasheba Development Company Limited v Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica Limited, Kinghorn, Sean and Kinghorn, Judy Ann et al1

Civil Procedure - Whether the Supreme Court has jurisdiction to hear an application to discharge a freezing order made by a Judge of the court after there was a judgment on the claim and before there was an appeal against that judgment and a stay of execution of portions thereof  - Ex-parte freezing orders - whether the Supreme Court retains the jurisdiction to address ex parte orders even if there is an appeal in respect of the judgment in the claim, in aid of which a protective freezing order was granted.

Richards, Paulette v North East Regional Health Authority and others

Civil procedure – Application by defendants for permission to file defence out of time – Application by claimant for permission to enter judgment in default of defence against the Crown – Whether the draft defence is a bare denial of some of the allegations made in the claimant’s statement of case – Whether it is appropriate to enter judgment in default in respect of one or more defendants in the circumstances – Rule 10.3, 12.3(1) and 12.9 of the Civil Procedure Rules, 2002, as amended.

Tank-Weld Metals Limited v Seal Construction Company Limited and others

Civil procedure – Application to set aside judgment in default – Whether there is an affidavit of merit – Whether the defendants have demonstrated that they have a real prospect of successfully defending the claim – Rules 5.7, 13.2 and 13.3 of the Civil Procedure Rules, 2002, as amended.

K Chandiram Limited v The Commissioner General of Tax Administration Jamaica

Revenue Law - Duty Free Shopping System Act (DFSSA) - whether goods sold at
a licensed duty free shop to persons who are not passengers or diplomats were
sold under the duty free shopping system and therefore exempt from GCT.
General Consumption Tax Act (GCTA) - whether the Respondent had jurisdiction
to raise an assessment for GCT where goods sold at a licensed duty free shop to
persons other than passengers or diplomats but exported through Customs - if
the Respondent had jurisdiction to raise assessment to GCT - whether the



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