Baba Limited v West Best Foods Jamaica Limited

Civil practice and procedure — Application to set aside default judgment in default of defence — Whether conditions for setting aside default judgment are satisfied - Rule 13.3 of the Civil Procedure Rules 2002 as amended - Overriding objective

Brown, Sharca v First Union Financial Company Limited and Euton Smith

Application to strike out the claim as one which discloses no reasonable case against the 1st defendant – Claim for fraud – Bona fide purchaser for value – No actual fraud is being alleged against the current registered owner who is the 1st defendant – Alleged actual fraud on the part of the 2nd defendant – Application for summary judgment – The distinction between an application to strike out the claim and summary judgment – Claim for limitation rights – Adverse possession and registered title – Claim not served on the 2nd defendant – Application to dispense with mediation – Costs – The ap

Allen, Catherine v Guardian Life, Hosini, Eric; Eckler Limited, Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago and Financial Services Commission et al

Civil Procedure Rules 2002, rule 15.2 (a) - Civil procedure and practice - Application to strike out statement of case - Abuse of process - Res judicata - Civil Procedure Rules 2002, rule 26.3
Costs - Interlocutory proceedings - Application for costs on an indemnity basis- Application for immediate taxation - Civil Procedure Rules 2002, rules 64.6, 64.12, 64.15 and 64.17 (1) and (3)

Robertson, George v Dowe, Sonia and Administrator General

Land law – Recovery of possession – Oral agreement for sale – Whether the deceased paid the purchase price – Statute of Frauds, section 4
Land Law – Whether deceased acquired possessory title – Registration of Titles Act, section 68 – Limitation of Actions Act, sections 3 and 30
Equity - Proprietary estoppel

Contract for sale of land – Part performance

Regina v Williams, George

Offence of Murder - Sections 9 and 24 of the Mental Health Act - Incarceration of
mentally ill accused without trial - Nolle Prosequi - Principles of Problem Solving


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