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Sterling-Simms, Faith v Simms, Gifton

Matrimonial Property – Parties divorced – Division of property acquired during the marriage –The Property (Rights of Spouses) Act, Sections 12, 13, 14 and 15.

Kennedy, Sheneka v New World Realtors Limited

Civil Procedure – Application to set aside default judgment regularly obtained for failing to file defence –– No affidavit of merit – Whether there is justification to waive the requirement for an affidavit of merit – Overriding Objective – Rules 13.2 and 13.3 of the Civil Procedure Rules
Costs – Whether wasted costs order to be made – Rules 64.13 and 64.14 of the Civil Procedure Rules

Kingston Wharves Limited v Industrial Disputes Tribunal and Interested Party

Judicial Review – Whether Industrial Disputes Tribunal failed to consider relevant issue of frustration of contract – Whether award was manifestly excessive, unreasonable, illegal and void – The Labour Relations And Industrial Disputes Act, sections 3 & 12 - The Civil Procedure Rules, parts 8, 26, 30 & 56.