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A world-class judiciary utilizing innovation and technology for efficient service delivery.


To provide sound, timely judgments and efficient court services in an environment where all stakeholders are valued.


Knight-Daley, Andrea v Daley, Raymond

Family Law  Division of Family Home - Property (Rights of Spouses) Act – Equal share Rule -Variation of the equal share rule- Property registered in the name of one spouse-Property owned by one spouse prior to marriage.

In Re Damion Black

Trusts - Trust for sale - Application by administrator general for directions regarding the sale of trust property - Duty of administrator general - Independent valuation of trust property commissioned by administrator general - Valuation partially dependent on company’s audited financial statements - Whether there is actual or apparent bias or conflict of interest in the manner in which the audit was conducted to affect the reliability of the valuation - Sections 39, 40, 43 and 44 of the Administrator General’s Act

McLeggan, Ervin v Scarlett, Daphne and The Registrar of Titles

Fraud – Definition of fraud – Burden and standard of proof – Registered title – Effect of ss.70 and 161 of the Registration of Titles Act – Effect of ss. 164-168 of the Registration of Titles Act – Whether 2nd defendant is exempted from liability by virtue of s.160 of the Registration of Titles Act – Need to prove fraud on the part of the present registered proprietor if claim is to be proven

National Export-Import Bank of Jamaica Limited v Yono Industries Limited, Jones, Andre and Prince, Andre

Commitment letters setting out terms of loan agreements between the claimant and the 1st defendant – 3rd defendant’s guarantee agreement with the claimant – Whether summary judgment should be awarded to the claimant – Whether the 3rd defendant’s defence is one which has a realistic prospect of success – Variation of initial loan agreement – Circumstances in which guarantor will be discharged from guarantee agreement – Whether guarantee agreement was a continuing security – Whether guarantee agreement is applicable as between the claimant and the 3rd defendant

Morgan's Harbour Ltd (In Receivership) v Lashmont Financial Services Ltd and McClymont, Myles

Insolvency – Convertible debenture – Appointment of joint receiver – Managers by debenture holder – Duty of receiver – Managers to the debenture holder in the exercise of the power of sale under the convertible debenture – Whether receiver – Managers in breach of duty – Termination by the debenture holder of the receiver – Managers at the point of their exercising their power of sale – Whether any basis exist upon which receiver – Managers may refuse to accept termination – Duty of debenture holder – Whether debenture holder in breach of duty – Whether a court of equity can invalidate the t



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