Griffiths, Duzeth v Scarlett, Brillyan

Motor Vehicle Accident - Pedestrian – One way Road- breach duty of care – Cause of injury to pedestrian – Past injury to left leg by gunshot or present injury to left ankle - Damages

Cover, Donald David v Perrin, Glasford

Application for declaration that court has no jurisdiction to try claim where Claim Form having expired, was not renewed by an order taking effect on or before its expiration - Whether order made to take effect after claim form had expired should be set aside as being void and of no effect – Whether claim form stands struck out as its twelve month lifetime expired on June 12, 2015 and it was not renewed on or prior to that date.

Dixon, Doreen v Dixon, Quenston


The Property (Rights of Spouses)  Act – W hat constitutes the family home -Interest in the family home - Third party’s interest - Fixtures and chattels - Land acquired before the parties were spouses - Entitlement to property – F inancial and non-financial contribution - Party’s share in property no longer in the possession of spouse - Adverse possession

Barnes, Barrington v Daley, Gareth

Personal Injury - Assessment of damages – Pain and suffering - Handicap on the labour market – Future medical expenses – Claimant amputee hit off bike.

Crammer, Beverley v Campbell, Linford

Application to set aside ex parte order - Rules 11.16, 11.17 and 11.18 of the Civil Procedures Rules (CPR) - Confiscatin of assets order - Contrast between confiscation of assets order obtained under part 53 and writ of execution issued under part 46 of the CPR - Effect of order of court which has unlimited jurisdiction.



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