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Higgins, Larson v Tajin, MT

Admiralty Law - Admiralty Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court – Whether claim for personal injuries properly brought in rem.
Interim Payment - Claim brought in rem - Civil Procedure Rules, 2002 part 17 Marine Insurance - Protection and Indemnity Club

Naetyn Development Company Limited v Holbrooke, Kirk(1)

Application to Set Aside Judgment - No draft defence attached - Whether adjournment to be granted - Whether human or administrative error can be a good reason for failure to file acknowledgment or defence - Whether defence has real prospect of success - Whether certificate for two counsel to be granted.

Scott, Theron v Manhertz, Huntley

Road traffic - Negligence - Traffic signals - Road intersection controlled by traffic lights - Collision at intersection - Presumption that lights inproper working condition - Personal injuries - Whether defendant liable - Contributory negligence - Assessment of damages.

Small, Jimmy v Lawrence, Julius and Burke, Ephraim

CPR Part 14 − Withdrawal of Admissions
exercise of the court’s discretion whether or not to permit a defendant to withdraw an admission − Defence of Inevitable Accident establish the defence



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