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Livermore, Courtney v Russell, Ezekiel Alexander

Damages - Appropriate award for injuries sustained – Claimant sustained injuries to his cervical spine and lumbar spine resulting from a motor vehicular accident – Pre-existing injury to lumbar spine

Griffiths, Paul v Griffiths, Claude

Probate - Last will and testament – Whether signature of testator forged – burden of proof – Expert evidence - Handwriting expert - Revocation of probate

West, Junior v Miller, Gerald

Interim Injunction - Factors to be considered in granting Interim Injunction – Guiding principles under American Cyanamid Case – Delay – Applicability of Human Rights Law

Gavin, Calvern v Gavin, Lauretta

Property (Rights of Spouses) Act -  Fixed Date Claim Form filed and served - Application for extension of time to file FDCF - Application for leave to make application out of time.



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Emergency Matters

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