Smith, Adrian v Edwards, Devon

Damages – Personal Injuries – Fracture – Future Medical Expenses – Chest Trauma – Motor Vehicle Collision – Whiplash

Ferguson, Vincent Lee v Air Jamaica Limited

Negligence - Concealment by fraud – Statute of Limitations - Whether airline liable for luggage after passenger convicted – Whether Warsaw Convention governs the claim – Whether the claim is statute barred under the Warsaw Convention – Whether the claimant can seek a remedy to the exclusion of the Warsaw Convention.

R v Thomas, Christopher

Evidence -– Criminal proceedings – Supreme Court - Trial – Application for special measures - Video link –– Child witness - Vulnerable witness - Evidence (Special Measures) Act 2012

Mendez, Isaac v Roache, Corporal Kirk and The Attorney General

Malicious Prosecution  Claimant arrested and charged for breach of Copyright Act – Display of C D’s – Whether CD’s were for sale – Case dismissed for want of prosecution – Claimant brought action claiming damage for malicious prosecution - Resonable and probable cause – Constabulary Force Act s. 33 – Copyright Act s. 10, 31 (3) (b) & 46 (1) (b).



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Strategic Plan for the Jamaican Judiciary 2019-2023