Gilbert, Troy v Regina

Application for review of an inmate held at the Court’s Pleasure – Part 75 of the Civil Procedure Rules – Section 7(7) of the Parole Act – Whether the Applicant should be released unconditionally or on parole with conditions – The court orders the
Applicant to be released unconditionally.

Tyrell, Theophilus v Sunset Beach Resort and Spa Hotel Limited

Contract - Pavement contract – Contract price discounted – Whether withdrawal of discount allowed by custom – Misrepresentation of the area paved – Whether project completed in a satisfactory manner – Award of interest – No claim made for interest - Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act.

Rowe, Calvin v Bailey, Everton

Assessment of Damages, dislocation of right hip, callus fracture of left distal radius, right sciatic nerve palsy, fracture of right superior ramus, fracture of right iliac crest fracture of acetabulum with sciatic nerve damage.



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