Lauder, Nicola and Jones, Lydia v Brady, Everett

Contract – Building contract – Contract to erect and install roof – Roof not erected according to the specifications and drawings – Whether work done in workmanlike manner – Roof not fit for the purpose required – Building unfit for human habitation - Measure of damages.

Northover, Kaon and Jsa K Ann v Lawrence, Minett

Injunction - Proposed extension of freezing injunction earlier granted byCourt in favour of claimants - Application for ex parte disclosure order made by Court to be set - Explanation of what is an exparte hearing - Distinction between ex parte and inter partes hearing - Disclosure order - Application to set aside disclosure order - Definititon of relevant property or assets. 

Clarke, Moranda v Godson, Dion Marie and Ranger, Donald

Substituted service – Application to set aside substituted service by Insurer – Insurer saying they are unable to contact insured – Default judgment – Application to set aside default judgment – Test to be applied for setting aside default judgment – Extension of time to file defence.



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