Griffiths, Reverend Dr. Ralph v Attorney General of Jamaica; Nelson, Constable and The Transport Authority

Negligence - Whether duty of cared owed - Whether breach of duty of care has occurred - Whether claim for 'pure economic loss' can be maintained in respect of torn of negligence - Detinue - Whether unlawful seizure of motor vehicle occurred - Wlements of tort of detinue - need to prove unequivocal demand - Need to prove unqualified refusal - Proof of special damages - Whether transport authority functions as a crown servant or agent - Party to be sued in claims wherein alleged tortfeasors allegedly functioning as a crown servant or agent when tort was committed.


Forte, Leon v Twin Acres Development Ltd.

Application for permission to bring Derivative Action-whether ancillaryclaim permissible- Section 212 Companies Act – Whether good faith – purpose to ensure Company able to pay debt to the Claimant.

Edwards, Blossom v Bedward, Rhonda

Civil Procedure - Application to set aside properly obtained default judgment - Whether judgment should be set aside - Test to be applied - Application of Rule 13.3 of the Civil Procedure Rules - Costs.

Campbell, Douglas v The Strata Appeals Tribunal and PSP No. 73 (Carib Ocho Rios)

Administrative Law - Application for Judicial Review of decision of Strata Appeals Tribunal – Registration (Strata Titles) Act - Relevant section of act to be applied on appeal to Strata Appeals Tribunal where issue being appealed is assessment of Strata Corporation and there was no appeal to Commission of Strata Corporations - Time limit on appeal to Strata Appeals Tribunal - Whether appeal to Strata Appeals Tribunal must be made within thirty days.

The Caribbean Examinations Council v The Industrial Disputes Tribunal and Phillip, Gerard

Judicial Review-Decision of Industrial Disputes Tribunal - Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act – Caribbean Examinations Council relying on immunity from legal process – Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges Act – Diplomatic Immunities and Privileges (Caribbean Examinations Council Order) 1998 – Whether IDT engaged in a legal process– Whether immunity restrictive – Whether IDT lacked Jurisdiction.



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