Rayton Electric Commercial Equipment Ltd. v Bank of Jamaica

Application to strike out claim pursuant to Part 26.3 (1)(b) and 26.3(1)(c) of Civil Procedure Rules 2002 - Banker customer relationship - Whether relationship on of contract - Supervisory and Regulatory role of the Bank of Jamaica in relation to its licencees - Complaint made tot he Bank of Jamaica byt the customer against its banker - Refusal of the Bank of Jamaica to intervene inthe exercise of its supervisory and regulatory role - Review of the Bank of Jamaica's decision - Whether by way of judicial review.


Plummer, Judith v Plummer, Andrew

Application for declaration of interest under Property (Rights of Spouses) Act, 2004 - Whether property is 'family home' for the purposes of the Act - Principles of resulting and/or constructive trusts applicable in claims for beneficial interest in property - Effect of Stack v Dowden - Burdern of proof on person advancing interests other than that shown on title - Application of Property (Rights of Spouses) Act to property other than the family home - Extent of courts descretion in making 'division of property under section 14 - Circumstances informing a just and reasonable division of pro

Pfizer Limited v Medimpex Jamaica Limited and NMF Pharmaceuticals Limited et al

Patent Act 1857 S. 3 - Whether local applicant true and first inventor on receiving a communication from abroad for invention or just agent of foreign inventor - Patent Act 1857 S. 29 - Whether grant of Letters Patent for invention in  Jamaica void because on expired overseas patent for same invention existed at time when Letters Patent granted in Jamaica - Whether section applies to inventor or invention.



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