Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited v Sretlaw Media Company Limited

Application for summary judgment  - Contract - Flow Super Cup - Claim and
counterclaim - Defence that amounts collected were spent for the claimant’s
benefit - Whether real prospect of success - Counterclaim reliant on an oral
agreement - Whether real prospect of success.

Bennett, Desmond Clarence v Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd., Donald Card and Clarence Bailey

Personal injury - Damage by over-passing electrical wires - Claimant working on un-approved building extension - Whether owner of vacant house ' occupier' - Principle of causation examined - proximate cause of injury - Whether Volenti decence available to defendant - Whether opinion evidence of non-expert of relevance - Non-delegable duty of care of independent contractor for inherently dangerous work - Proof of negligence when standards set by JBS nont contravened.

Woozencroft, Rudolph v Holiday Inn Jamaica Inc. and Holiday Inn Inc.

Application by claimant for relief from sanctions under CPR 26.8 whether conditions satisfied for court to grant relief - Whether the conditions of Rule 26.8 are to be read conjunctively - The exercise of the judge's discretion in the context of the over-riding objective.


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