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Palmer, Dinsdale v Caricom Home Builders Company Limited and Evans, Devon

Breach of Contract for the sale of two Apartment - What were the terms of the
contracts - Two documents containing contractual terms - Which Document
contains the terms of the contracts - Whether one of the Document was forged-
Whether expenditure was incurred customizing one apartment - Whether the full
contract price should be recovered – Damages - Whether damages are proven or
the award should be nominal.

Denny, Fenton v The Firearm Licencing Authority

Application for leave for Judicial Review - Whether the Respondent is a proper party before the court - Whether the court has jurisdiction to hear the Application - Whether there is a discretionary Bar - Whether there is an arguable case.

Cespedes, Steve v Cespedes, Audrey

Division of Matrimonial property - Both party’s names endorsed on the certificates of title of real estate - Whether there is a presumption of equal share - The Petitioner and 3rd party’s names endorsed on the certificate of title to other property -Third party not made a party to the proceeding - Whether the Applicant/Respondent is entitled to a declaration of interest in the said property - Request for division of moneys in bank accounts not specifically pleaded in the application - Whether the court is precluded from making declarations and orders relating to the Applicants/Respondent’s



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