Johnson, Carl v Salmon, Sherene

Property dispute – Claim for 50% interest in properties – Parties unmarried – Dwelling houses built on lands not owned by either party –– Whether family home – Whether the equal share rule should apply – Property (Rights of Spouses) Act

Rickards, David and McCreath, Andrew v Motta, Constable Cheston and the Attorney General of Jamaica Consolidated with Sterling, Jacqueline et al

Motor vehicle accident – Doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur inapplicable where there is evidence of how accident occurred – No case submission where defendant not put to election – Emergency vehicle regulations – Duties owed by other drivers to drivers of emergency vehicles – Duties of drivers of emergency vehicles – Evidence of Accident Reconstruction Experts

Williams, Lamar v Image One Limited

Employer’s Liability – Components of duty of care owed by an employer to an employee – Whether employee contributorily negligent – Quantum of Damages for injuries including electric shock

Lozane, Easton v Beckford, Junior

Civil practice and procedure - Application to Strike out- Application for Summary Judgment - Whether defence complies with rule 10.5(4) of the Civil Procedure Rules - Whether defence amounts to a bare denial or whether the defence of inevitable accident is made out.

Martin, Earl v Burgher, Richard


Civil procedure rules (CPR) 2002 – Application to strike out – Failure to comply with orders of the court – Witness statements filed after specified date – Previous breaches of court orders – Application for relief from sanctions – Application to amend statement of case.



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