Hamilton, Marilyn v United General Insurance Company

Civil procedure - Appeal against decision of the Registrar to issue an Order for seizure and sale – Civil Procedure Rules, 2002, part 62.
Civil procedure - Order for seizure and sale – whether a Default Costs Certificate may be enforced by that method, Civil Procedure Rules, 2002, rules 45.2, 64.2 (3).
Civil procedure - Order for seizure and sale - Time for issue - Civil Procedure Rules 65.12 (b).
Civil procedure - Whether an order for seizure and sale can be set aside after its execution

Williams, Donnadeen v Den Jon and Pen Ge, Xin

Application to set aside - Substituted service - Enlargement of time - Overriding objective - Importance of time limits - Application to set aside without notice order - Whether insurance company has done enough to bring documents to insured's attention.

Tancour Construction Ja Ltd. and Tyrone Sean Lewis, Annette Blount, Courtney Lewis et al trading as Lewis and Blount Construction Developers v The Commissioner of Taxpayer Appeals, Tax Administration Jamaica et al

Application to strike out Claim - Whether the claim discloses any reasonable grounds for bringing the Action - Whether the Particulars of Claim is Prolix (Rule 26.3.)
Application for Summary Judgment by the Claimant - Statement of case - struck out - Whether there is any basis to grant Summary Judgment.

Chandler, Delroy (also known as DYCR) and Downsound Records Limited (Also known as DSR)

Breach of Management Contract between Artiste/Dub Poet and Recording Company - Interpretation of contractual terms - Whether time was of the essence - Option to renew - Whether the option was exercised - Repudiation of contract - Whether the Claimant waived his right to terminate - Anticipatory Breach - Whether intention to breach established - Damages - Damage to reputation or loss of opportunity - Whether damages proven - Whether the award should be substantial or nominal - Whether the Defendant is entitled to a set off.



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