Wallace, Mavis v Clarke, Vernal


 Property dispute - Joint tenants - Intimate relationship but not truly cohabiting - Common intention - Resulting trust - Alternatively share based on what is fair and just in circumstances.

Jamaica Edible Oils & Fats Company Ltd. v M.S.A. Tire (Jamaica) Limited

Application for committal for contempt of court – Service of court orders allegedly breached – Failure to comply with Rule 53.3 of the C.P.R. – Effect of failure to comply with Rule 53.3 of the C.P.R. – Need to prove intentional or willful disobedience of a court order – What constitutes intentional or willful disobedience of a court order.

Jade Overseas Holdings Limited v Palmyra Properties Limited (In Receivership), Santuary Systems Limited (In Receivership) and

Interlocutory injunction - course like to cause the least irremediable prejudice - Need for court to engage in assessment of strength of parties cases - Case involving mainly construction of agreement/written instruments/points of law - Whether court can feel high degree of assurance that at trial would appeal injunction rightly granted - Whether claimant guilty of delay - Securities - Fixed or floating charge - Debenture - Restrictive clauses in debenture - Priority of charges - Whether management agreement void as maintenance of champerty - Whether management agreement constitutes sale or

McLean, Gloria v The Administrator General of Jamaica

Application for appointment of representative of deceased’s estate as defendant to claim – Section 12 of Administrator General’s Act – Rules 21.1, 21.2 and 21.7 of C.P.RR. – Interlocutory appeal – Leave to appeal.



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