Hew, Joy v Sandals Ocho Rios Limited

Occupiers Liability Act – Negligence – Fall – Hotel driveway - Whether surface uneven – Whether breach of duty of care - Fractured metatarsals - Damage

Bennett, Hugh and Bennett, Jacqueline v Williams, Michael

Application for extension of time to file defence - Need to also obtain extension of time to file acknowledgement of service - Neglect of Attorney in failing to file defence in time - Failure of applicant to offer any explanation for failure to file acknowledgement of service - Filing of counterclaim and ancillary claim - 'ancillary claim' defined in rules of court as including 'counterclaim' - Factors to be considered by court in deciding whether to grant an extension of time for filing defence - Length of delay - Reasons for delay - prejudice to claimant - Whether proposed defence has a r

Moore, Kevin v Symsure Limited

Application for Court Orders – Security for Costs –Principles – Part 24 of the Civil Procedure Rules – Affidavit Evidence – Part 30 of the Civil Procedure Rules

McGregor, Leroy v Francis, Verda

Registration of Titles Act - Cancellation of title -  Limitation period - Fraud - Whether claim is statute barred - Equity - Division of property - Resulting trust - Constructive trust.

Hamilton, Marilyn v United General Insurance Company Ltd.

Employment Law - Whether claimant introduced pirated software into defendant’s environment - Whether the claimant was wrongfully dismissed - Whether Addis v Gramophone precludes award for breach of trust and confidence - Loss of advantage on labour market-stigmatization - Claim for anxiety and depression - Whether failure to mitigate reasonable - What constitutes reasonable notice to terminate - Entitlement under pension scheme - Whether employee entitled to employer’s contribution upon termination of contract - Defamation



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