Richards, Paulette v Trafalgar Travel Ltd.

Employment law – Dismissal by reason of redundancy – Acquisition of one company by another – Whether redundancy situation created – Meaning of same employer – Whether claim statute barred – Employment (Termination and Redundancy Payment) Act, sections 5, 6, 7, 10 and 15 – companies Act section 151.

Redden, Murdena (Executrix – Estate Adolphus Redden, deceased) v Edwards, Higo et al

Application to strike out proceedings - Claim under Fatal Accident Act & Law  Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act - Claim filed by person as executrix but who lacked capacity of executrix - Application to substitute validly appointed executrix - Whether claim a nullity or amenable to amendment - Civil procedure Rules, Rules 19.4 & 26.3 (1) (b).

R A. Murray International Limited v Goldson, Brian


Arbitration proceedings-section 12(1) of the Arbitration Act - Removal of arbitrator for misconduct - Meaning of “misconduct”- Matters that may properly be taken into account - removal of arbitrator for apparent bias – Whether real danger of bias.

Penn, Naval v Hagigal, Keith

Assessment of damages - Fifth and seventh edition American Medical Association Guidelines - Comparable cases - Permanent impairments ratings - Injuries of same nature and type - Handicap on labour market.

Nelson, Annette and Brown, Luscelda v Murray, Glasspole

Private Nuisance – Construction of roadway on common property – Roadway
constitutes a danger – Whether user unreasonable and alien. Easement of Necessity – Rule in Wheeldon and Burrows – Presumed intention of
parties – Alternate Access – Right of footpath or General right of way Injunctive Relief – Principles governing the exercise of the courts discretion –
Material infringement of Claimant’s right – Conduct of parties.

Nanco, Joseph v Lugg, Anthony and B & J Equipment Rental Limited

Default Judgment – Application to set aside judgment entered in default of defence – Prescribed notes to the defendant and form of defence not served with claim form – Acknowledgment of service filed with notice of intention to defend – No defence filed –
Whether defendant submitted to jurisdiction of the Court – Whether waiver of irregularity in service of claim – Whether default judgment irregularly or regularly obtained - Conditions to be satisfied for setting aside default judgment – CPR, 8.16(1); 9.6; 12. 5; 13.2 (1) (b); 13.3; 26.9; 30.3



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