Chin Lyn, Eugenie; Chin, Sylvia and Dehaney, Kevin v Reynolds, Ludlow

Summary judgment - Rule 15.2 CPR - Principles to be applied on an application for summary judgment - Whether or not reasonable prospect that court of trial could find evidence of sufficient memoranda in writing and acts of part performance to establish a binding and enforceable lease and sale agreement in respect of which the court would order specific performance.

Wright, Trevor v Yates, Det. Sgt. Et al

Drug Offences (Forfeiture of proceeds) Act – Search Warrant, pursuant to S20 – Whether Reasonable or Probable Cause – Tainted Property – Derived,
Obtained or Realised Directly – Convicted Person – Commission of Offence – Pleading Unclear Whether Action in Detinue or Conversion – Distinction
Demand – Measure of Damages – Market Value at the Date of Judgment.



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