Morgan, Akeem (by his next friend Kerry Ann Harrison) v Porter, Owen

Assessment of damages – Pain Suffering and Loss of amenities – Loss of fingers on dominant right hand, loss of teeth and fracture to right leg – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder– applicability of multiplier/multiplicand
approach to replacement cost of prosthesis – size of multiplier – young claimant – whether damages for loss of earning capacity to be assessed using multiplier/multiplicand approach or conventional award to be made – validity of Notice of Objection to tendering Hearsay Statement in Evidence.

McCoy, Arthur and McCoy, Marcia v Glispie, Fitzroy

Trespass – Extinction of right to recover possession of registered land – Sections 3, 4 and 30 of limitation of actions act – Section 68 of the registration of titles act – Rule 10 of the civil procedure rules.



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