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Drummond Althea, Hammond, Catalina

Trespass to land and chattels – Tenant subletting to another – Tenant vacating property

and delivering possession to landlord – Landlord clearing property – Whether trespass to

sub-tenant’s chattels therein

Director Of Public Prosecutions v Mendez, Roxroy

Pecuniary Penalty Order - The Drugs Offences (Forfeiture of Proceeds Act, 1994 - Offenders Benefit Obtained - Assessment of Benefit Obtained – Realisable Benefit - Section 17(2), "the lesser sum"- Constitutionality of Confiscatory Orders.

Dayes, Verma v The Ritz Carlton Hotel

Interim payment - Whether Supreme Court has power to grant interim payment under the civil procedure rules 2002 - Whether power abolished and not reenacted - Section 4 (2) (j) of the judicature (Rules of the court0 Act - part 17 of the civil procedure code

Darien Investments LTD v National Commercial Bank Jamaica LTD

Civil Procedure - Application for injunction – Application to prevent mortgagee

from exercising powers of sale contained in a mortgage – Mortgage granted to

secure guarantee – Mortgagor alleging no longer bound by guarantee - Whether

damages are an adequate remedy - Whether mortgagee should be restrained

Coke, Michael v The Attorney General Of Jamaica

Interception of Communications – Warrant issued for interception -

Application to unseal application for warrant – Information used in the

application required for preparation of defence in criminal prosecution –

Information otherwise available - Principles governing consideration of the

application – Constitution of Jamaica s. 16 (6) - Interception of

Communication Act ss. 3, 4, 5, 14 and 17