The Coffee Industry Board v The All Island Jamaica Coffee Growers Association et al

Insurance – Collection of cess from coffee growers- Cess authorised by statute – A portion of the cess paid into a trust fund - Trust fund intended for assisting growers in the event of loss - Whether payment to the trust fund is “insurance business” within the contemplation of the Insurance Act – Whether trustees conducting insurance business - Insurance Act, sections 2, 6, 7, and 21.

James, Oswald v The Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council

Civil Procedure – Judicial Review – Application for leave to apply for Judicial

Review – Application to stay proceedings pending Judicial Review – Whether

application supported by sufficient evidence – Whether alternative remedy exists -

Section 12 B, 15 and 16 of the Legal Profession Act

Attorney at Law – Disciplinary proceedings by the GLC – Whether Judicial Review

available as a remedy in respect of a decision by the Disciplinary Committee of the

Thames, Karen v National Irrigation Commission

Judicial review - Private Corporation Licensed to carry out Legislative functions - Whether corporation subject to judicial review - Master and servant - Whether certiorari - available - Disciplinary procedures - Whether applicable irrespective of employment relationship.

Stewart, Carol v Stewart, Lauriston

Division of family home - Property (Righrts of Spouses) Act - Time within which to apply under the Act - Retrospective nature of Act - Limitation of Actions.

Smith, Meliss v Dunwell, Patricia

Negligence - Medical specialist - Controversial treatment - Whether departure from acceptable medical practice - Duty to inform of risk-whether failure to warn - Consent to treatment - Standard of disclosure required - Whether objective or subjective test is to be applied  - Whether defendant liable.



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