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Lascelles, de Mercado & Company Limited v Financial Services Commission and Black Sands Acquisitions Inc.

Securities act and securities (take-overs and mergers) regulations, 1999 – Rules of the Jamaica stock exchange – Whether right of appeal or judicial review-nature of section 25 proceedings – Take-over bid circular – Duty to treat with same standard of care as prospectus – Whether satisfactory proof that offeror able or will be able to implement the offer in full – Tom regulations 24, 16(1)(g), 14(3) – Duties of parties to takeover to prevent false market in shares – Whether bona fide offer – Whether issue of dissatisfaction by directors of offeree board to be dealt with in directors’ circul

Hinds, Dean v Wilmot, Janet

Division of property-claim for equitable interest in

property- former co-habitants-title in the name of one

party-separate mortgage loans taken by both parties to

improve property-effect of statutory declaration denying

equitable interest-payment of mortgage installmentscommon

intention of the parties.

Heman, Lloyd v Advantage General Insurance

Insurance law - Whether insurer breached policy - effect of insurers breached on third - Party - Effect of insurer's failure to notify claimant/victim of its application for declaration - resjudicata - Effect of declaration that insureris not liable to satisfy judgement on third party

Hadeed Holdings Ltd v Anderson's Haulage Services Ltd

Land - Whether defendant is a trespasser or tenant- at-will – Whether the defendant was allowed to occupy land pending sale of property - Whether claimant is entitled to damages for trespass by way of mesne profits - Whether defendant is a purchaser who is entitled to specific performance

Guthrie, Vincent Lloyd v Dorrretta May Guthrie

Claim for division of property and other remedies under the Property (Rights of Spouses) Act section 14; Whether suit brought within time specified in section 13; If not, whether application necessary to extend time for bringing suit; whether if no such application matter proceeds under ordinary principles of equity and trusts; rights of joint bank account holder; liability for jointly acquired debts.

Gordon, Lisa v Jamaica Public Service Co Ltd

Interlocutory injunction - Statutory interpretation - Whether serious issue to be tired - Whether statue prevents defendant from recovering arrears - restituition - Change of position



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