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N.F. v C.B.

Application to vary order for joint custody of relevant child – Whether to vary order for maintenance, travel, extra-curricular activities and medical expenses - Whether school fees for L is “reasonable” pursuant to judge’s order - Whether parties can relitigate findings of fact of trial judge without there being an appeal of the orders of the trial judge – Whether there is a change in the individual circumstance of each litigant to warrant a variation of the Judge’s orders – whether businesses operated by Defendant a “sham” – Consequences of failure by Defendant to obey order of Court to d

Buchanan, Roy; Buchanan Trusty, Erica and Buchanan, Kevin v Hall, Jean (Executrix of the estate of Ulysses Jabez Buchanan, deceased)

Administration of Estate – Probate Law - Interpretation of a Will – Intention of Testator – Expressed or Implied Intention - Read Will as a whole – Ordinary meaning of words/phrases – Words/Phrases used in a different sense - Court not to rewrite Will or improve upon – No speculation – Presumption against Intestacy – Residuary clause – Partial Intestacy – Intestates’ Estates and Property Charges Act.

Blake, Mercedes v Blake, Andrew

Matrimonial property – Occupation rent – Principles upon which award is made – No ouster – Defendant undertaking not to occupy jointly owned property – Whether occupant in receipt of rent – Impact of delayed sale.

Walker, Rennon v Clunis, Leon and the Attorney General

Malicious Prosecution – Police Officer – Evidence in witness statement of reasonable and probable cause in respect of an offence – Alternative offence charged on instructions of Director of Public Prosecution – Effect of instructions of the Director of Public Prosecutions.



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