First Global Bank Limited v Dussard, Garfield

Service of Statements of Case – Application to pay by Installments not served – No Acknowledgment of Service filed - Default Judgment entered- Whether on facts waiver of irregularity in service – Application to set aside Default Judgment - Whether Summary Judgment or Judgment on Admission permissible

McMorris, Donovan v Bryan, Maurice

False imprisonment – Malicious prosecution  – Whether claimant can be held liable as a private individual who neither arrested, imprisoned criminally charged nor directly prosecuted the claimant – Application to strike out claimant's statement of case.

Johnson, Merlene v Campbell, Ainsworth

Civil Procedure - Application to set aside default judgment - Application for Extension of Time within which to file defence - Tests to be applied-Application of rule 13.2 - Application of rule 13.3 - Allegation of defect in service - Whether setting aside is as of right or discretion should be exercised - Whether reasonable prospect of successfully defending the claim - Rule 1.1 the overriding objective.



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