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The Hon. Mrs. Justice Sarah Thompson-James

Hylton, Howard George v Hylton, Natalie Antoinette

Family Law - Divorce - Application for Decree Absolute - Issues relating to custody of relevant child unsettled - Whether Decree Absolute should be granted - Matrimonial Causes Act Section 27 - Civil Procedure Rule 76.12, 76.14

Silvest, Casilda v Brown, Leo

Expert evidence - Doctor appointed expert witness - Impartiality of expert witness - Admissibility of medical reports - Whether comments made by doctor in medical reports render the reports inadmissible - Part 32 Civil Procedure Rules 2002

Gorstew Limited and Stewart, Gordon v The Contractor General

Claim for judicial review — Whether Contractor-General acted ultra vires Contractor General’s Act in seeking to investigate sale of land — Whether Requisition empowered Contractor-General to investigate prior agreements for the supply of goods and services, disputes in relation thereto and their resolution which led to the sale of land — Effect of non/late disclosure in judicial review proceedings.

Burke Scott, Joyce and Burke, Jennifer v Whittaker, Denise and Burke, LLoyd et al

Real Property - Division of Property- Tenants in Common – Whether parties whose names appear on title hold beneficial interests in property - Whether Defendants hold property on trust for the Claimants – Whether Court finds beneficial interests different from legal interests - Whether Ancillary Defendants committed trespass, nuisance and assault against Ancillary Claimants – Whether co-owner of property can sue other co-owner for trespass - vicarious liability – whether agency

Froome, Nevilline v Froome, Orville

Family Law - Division of property - Matrimonial property - Family home - Other property - Property (Rights of Spouses) Act - Sections 4, 6, 14 and 15



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