The Hon. Mrs. Justice Georgiana Fraser

West, Mark v Walden-West, Evelyn

Application for Custody – Governing principle: welfare of the child is the
first and paramount consideration - Application for Maintenance – Parties
means for the purpose of determining capacity to pay maintenance.

Young, Michael and Young, Jacqueline et al v Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation and National Environmental and Planning Agency

Judicial Review – Whether the Claimants have locus standi to seek the relief sought in the claim – Whether the relevant Authorities acted ultra vires their statutory powers

Statutory Intepretation – Legitimate Expectation – Lack of consultation by Authority before decision made – Town and Country Planning Act – Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act – 1966 Town and Country Planning (Kingston) Development Order – 2017 Town and Country Planning (Kingston and Saint Andrew and Pedro Cays) Provisional Development Order

Webb, Arthurine v Stanberry, Donovan

Administrative Law-Judicial review-Constitutional relief-The public service-
Retirement on the grounds of reorganization- Whether public servant have the
right to be heard prior to compulsory retirement-The Pensions Act-The Public
Service Regulations, 1961

Johnson, Curline v Johnson, Errol

Matrimonial Property - Claim for 50% interest in dwelling house - Parties separated - Claim brought more than twelve months after date of separation - Whether the Property Rights of Spouses Act applicable - Whether the Partition Act applicable - Whether the rules of common law and equity applies - House built by spouses on land not owned by either spouse.

Director of Public Prosecution v Wilson, Uchence and Others

The Evidence (Special Measures) Act 2012 – The Evidence (Special Measures)
(Criminal Jurisdiction) (Judicature) (Supreme Court) Rules 2016 – Prosecution’s
application for a witness to give evidence by live link – Appropriate circumstances
for use of special measure of live link – Witness said to be vulnerable but no
allegation of actual threat – Right of accused to a fair trial – Credibility significant
issue – Whether grant of application prejudicial to Defendants – Overall interests
of the administration of justice

Kingston Wharves Limited v Industrial Disputes Tribunal and Interested Party

Judicial Review – Whether Industrial Disputes Tribunal failed to consider relevant issue of frustration of contract – Whether award was manifestly excessive, unreasonable, illegal and void – The Labour Relations And Industrial Disputes Act, sections 3 & 12 - The Civil Procedure Rules, parts 8, 26, 30 & 56.



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